Image of a guy wearing a white t-shirt, holding cash in his hands, spread out like playing cards, with an expression of happiness.
Photo by REX WAY on Unsplash

Go to bank and withdraw your complete salary in cash, said my friend. Bring it home and look at how much you have earned. Feel it, look at it, enjoy it.

Since then, I have made it a ritual for myself. Whenever I get a pay raise, I go to the Bank, withdraw the entire salary (rounded off to hundreds), bring it home and… and I’ve added a small thing to what they told me.

My friend is my guide, my…

i’m a software developer.. not an athlete

i should start going to gym.
why do i need to workout so hard.. cos it’ll keep me fit and healthy.
but who said that.

don’t know. everyone’s doing.. i should do. (oh! then you should)
i’ll go to gym from next week. that’s my b’day resolution.

but what about…


Developer, Trainer and Fitness & Yoga Enthusiast

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