Image of a guy wearing a white t-shirt, holding cash in his hands, spread out like playing cards, with an expression of happiness.
Photo by REX WAY on Unsplash

Since then, I have made it a ritual for myself. Whenever I get a pay raise, I go to the Bank, withdraw the entire salary (rounded off to hundreds), bring it home and… and I’ve added a small thing to what they told me.

My friend is my guide, my…

i’m a software developer.. not an athlete

i should start going to gym.
why do i need to workout so hard.. cos it’ll keep me fit and healthy.
but who said that.

don’t know. everyone’s doing.. i should do. (oh! then you should)
i’ll go to gym from next week. that’s my b’day resolution.

but what about…


Developer, Trainer and Fitness & Yoga Enthusiast

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