How to setup/install GNU make on Windows

3 min readDec 25, 2022

Let’s keep it short. There are 2 options (there are more):

Option-1: Longer, manual, half DIY option.

Go to and download setup

Click any one of the highlighted options

It’ll take you to and start the download.

Open the downloaded installer and hit next → next → next… (accept license)
Remember to note the install location.

Once setup is complete, open a terminal/cmd and type make.

To your disappointment it’ll not work.

We need to add the path to the make binary to PATH variable.

Go to the install location and then go to bin folder

For me it got installed under “C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32”

Inside bin folder you’ll see make

Copy the path and jump to edit environment variables from windows search

Note: if you don’t have persmission to edit system env vars, then choose edit env vars for your account.

Click Environment Variables.

Under user variables, find Path and click Edit.

Hit New, paste the copied path and hit Ok.

Hit OK on all other windows also.

Now open a fresh CMD/Terminal and type make and and hit Enter.

💥It works.

Option-2: Easy option (atleast to write 😜)

Install Chocolatey from here

Then run choco install make from a fresh terminal.

Now run make from another new terminal.

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